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PEEK filament could be the next step for industrial 3D printing. PEEK Filament is one of the highest performance materials on the market.
Hot to print successful with PEEK 3D Filament? The printer must have the performance to meet the PEEK filament and it should be printed with a nozzle temperature of 360 - 400°C. The heat bed should be set to 120°C and 3D Printer need to have heated chamber. It´s also very important to make sure that the printer is placed in a room where there´s hardly any draft and temperature fluctuations. PEEK is best printed on a PEI sheet at a printing speed of 15-30 mm/s.


Luvocom 3F 9581 PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone)

AZUREFILM - FILAMENTO PEEK Luvocom 9581 1,75mm/ 500g

€ 349,00Prezzo
  • Luvocom 3F 9581 PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone)

    - Prodotto in UE

  • - NOZZLE: 360 - 400 C°

    - BED: 110 - 120 C°


    La gamma della temperatura di stampa potrebbe differire leggermente a seconda della stampante utilizzata.